Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just be up and doing!

Great achievements often require long,tortuous,bitter experiences,powerful
enough to drive one in despair.But one must rise above disappointments,
Neglect and sorrow and renew the pledge of devoted action.There is just no
Choice.We cannot wait for things to happen to us;we must make them happen
 to us.We cannot wait for fortune to smile on us and bless us with a distinguished
result or a rewarding job.We must act and compel fortune to smile on us.
“Few ever win who wait”,says the poet,and who won’t concede he is right?
                                      Sure there is lots of trouble,
                                      Sure there are heaps of cares,
                                      Burdens that bend us double,
                                      Worries that come to wear.
                                      But we must keep pursuing
                                      Something,and see it through;
                                      Still to be up and doing
                                      Is all that there is to do.
                                      Though you would like to idle,
                                      Wait for the world to right,
                                      Keep your hand on the bridle,
                                      Fight when you have to fight.
                                      Women are won by wooing,
                                      Fortune is won the same,
                                      And to be up and doing
                                      Is all there is to the game.
                                      Few ever fail by trying,
                                      Few ever win who wait.
                                      All of your siting,sighing
                                      Never will conquer fate.
                                      Whatever path you’re hewing *,
                                      One thing is certain,son;
                                      Either be up and doing
                                      Or soon you’ll be down and done.

·        Don’t look at a thing;start it.
·        Don’t put it off a day;start it.
·        Don’t pretend you must think over;start it.
·        Don’t start half-heartedly;put everything you can
          muster into your start.

* cutting through rocks

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