Sunday, July 20, 2014


Precept of Swami Saradananda

(From the Glimpses of a Great Soul – by Swami Aseshananda)
The Lord is making you His own.
He will not allow even the slightest ego to remain within you.
The sufferings and difficulties you are undergoing are intended
to make you realize that
you have no independent will of your own.
It is all given over to the Lord.
Therefore be content with what He does
and wherever He keeps you.
Never allow any doubts to cross your mind.
The moment doubt arises, immediately think of the Lord
and be convinced that whatever takes place by His will
is always for your good.
Whatever happening is happening at His command,
and, if He wills,
the situation will change.
With this attitude resign yourself to
the Lord and be happy and free from cares.
(Read every line and word carefully, reflect deeply, and start sincerely living accordingly                                          – in actions, work and thought –and see the effect for yourself)

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