Sunday, July 20, 2014

Words of Master Mahashay... Sri Mahendra Nath Gupta (Author of Kathamritra)

"One who has an unshakable faith in Thakur is in one’s last birth. Thakur 
came just for this, just to say so. Said he [Thakur], ‘I swear unto you, 
whosoever will think on me shall inherit my wealth just like a son inherits 
his father’s wealth. My wealth constitutes jnana, bhakti, discrimination, 
dispassion, peace, happiness, prema and samadhi.’ 

"But, it is very difficult to recognize him [Thakur]. He has hidden himself 
behind so many coverings. He was poor, almost illiterate and then a priest. 
Who is capable of recognizing him under so many coverings? Only those who 
have accumulated by the efforts done in the past lives will advance towards 
him unknowingly. ‘Without seeing, without hearing the mind has merged itself 
in him?’ The state of an earnest devotee is the same as that of a ship being 
attracted by a mount of magnet. All desires fall off." 

"The idea that all beings in this vast world are the forms of the Lord, I am 
also one of His forms, Sachchidananda. If one takes to this idea - all work, 
meditation, moving about, everything indeed is done in the presence of God. 
By doing so, our smallness will end. The little ‘I’ will be dissolved in the 
virat (immense) — ‘I am that Sachchidananda.’ 

"The sadhus live in the math. They think on God day and night. That is why, 
the math is a holy place. The same way God is there in the universe. He 
Himself has become all. Besides, He resides in every being as the antaryamin 
(the controller within). Because of this, the universe is also a great holy 
place of pilgrimage. 

"This process is known as sublimation — to dissolve the smaller into the 
bigger to make it big. ‘I am the child of God,’ one must become God’s child 
by thinking so — both in qualities as well as in actions. However, in 
appearance one remains a human being. I am the child of man — this base 
feeling should be transformed into the great feeling of ‘I am the child of 
God.’ This is what is called religion." 

 - Mahendranath Gupta (M) 

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